Our Journey ------ Our Commitment

Welcome to Dynamic Business Consultancy, where every success story begins. We’re not just consultants; we’re partners in your journey to greatness. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives every step we take.

At Dynamic Business Consultancy, we’ve rewritten the rulebook of consultancy. Our passionate team of experts brings together a symphony of diverse skills, igniting innovation and sparking transformation. Our story is one of resilience, adaptability, and pioneering change. With a client-centric approach at our core, we don’t just offer solutions; we provide tailored strategies that become the bedrock of your triumph. We listen, collaborate, and craft bespoke paths to success, because your goals are our goals.

Join us as we shatter the ordinary and pave the way for exceptional outcomes. We invite you to explore our journey, know our heart, and be a part of the Dynamic Business Consultancy success saga. Let’s create brilliance together.


Better future with Diverse Team

Our diverse team combines deep expertise from various industries, working collaboratively to deliver innovative solutions and drive unparalleled growth for our clients.


Juned Ahmad Chowdhury ACCA

An exceptional Chartered Accountant with a distinguished career spanning over a decade across diverse industries


Al-Imran Ahmed

An ACCA Affiliate and our esteemed co-founder, currently serving as the Expansion Director at ‘Staff Asia’.


A H Mosharif Ahmed

Co-founder of Dynamic Business Consultancy. Also CEO of Cellentric Ltd., driving transformative change and visionary leadership

Director of Strategic Alliance

Izdani Khan

The Director of Strategic Alliances spearheads our collaborative efforts, forging key partnerships that amplify our consultancy’s impact, ensuring a unified and powerful presence in the business landscape.


Business Solutions

Unlock opportunities with our diverse consultancy niches. From strategic financial planning to business formation, we drive success through specialized expertise.

Strategic Business Planning & Consulting

Empowering businesses with tailored strategies and insightful consulting for optimal growth and success in today's dynamic market environment.

Business Formation

Crafting strong foundations for new ventures through expert advice on legal, financial, and operational aspects, ensuring a successful business launch.

Comprehensive Financial & Accounting Solutions

Delivering end-to-end financial and accounting services, including budgeting, auditing, tax planning, and reporting, to empower sound business decision-making and financial success.

Marketing & Sales

Driving growth through strategic marketing campaigns, market analysis, and sales optimization, creating impactful connections and increasing revenue in competitive landscapes.

Management Consulting & Cost Accounting

Guiding businesses with expert management insights, optimizing operations, and implementing cost accounting strategies to enhance profitability, sustainability, and informed decision-making.

Digital Transformation

Leading digital evolution through innovative strategies, technology integration, and cultural change, empowering businesses to thrive in the modern, interconnected world.